Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Digital Journal — Real Progressives Announces Launch of New Venture

Real Progressives announced today the creation of a new nonprofit corporation to help match activists and progressive causes with policymakers, media outlets and academic experts to help create an actionable policy from a sound financial framework.

Real Progressives launches this unprecedented effort with a mission to facilitate dialog and workgroups to assist academics within the Modern Monetary Theory discipline to fundamentally address the ubiquitous question of how progressive policy can be paid for within a sovereign fiat currency system.

We have all seen the pushback from members of Congress and pundits who insist that programs like Medicare for All, the Federal Jobs Guarantee and the Green New Deal are, ‘too expensive.’ They ask, ‘how do we pay for it?’” said Steve Grumbine, Chief Executive Officer of Real Progressives.

“The truth is, we cannot afford to do nothing or undertake half measures,” he said. “Through this venture, we provide a platform for dissemination of honest macroeconomic study with global experts collaborating with activists and groups pushing for a true caring economy that works for everyone.”…
Digital Journal
Real Progressives Announces Launch of New Venture
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Peter Pan said...

Unleash the Grumbine. Better than the Kraken.
Once this Bernie business is history, watch out!

Ryan Harris said...

Soros must have pulled funding so they are looking for new funding? Will this impact AOC and Kelton's ability to promote MMT?

Matt Franko said...

Maybe Soros has been short the last 10 years too? Lost a lot of his munnie?

Peter Pan said...

If Soros has been funding RP, he's a stingy bastard.