Thursday, October 24, 2019

Finnian Cunningham - Propaganda 101: The New York Times pumps another ‘evil Russia’ plot

There was a story in the MSM the other day which said Putin thought invading Europe was worth the risk. Europe is incredibly well defended and over populated, and Russia has an economy the size of Italy, and although it's a vast country, it's very under populated. It would be suicude for Russia to send tanks into any European country, and it would be MAD - the end of the world! Most people probably believed the story, but it was pure propaganda planted by Western intelligence.

But it is no surprise to those who have long studied how the US corporate media has been under the control of state intelligence agencies for many decades, especially after the Second World War and during the subsequent Cold War against the Soviet Union.
In a seminal essay in 1977 for Rolling Stone magazine, award-winning journalist Carl Bernstein documented how the CIA systematically cultivated hundreds of reporters, columnists, editors, publishing executives and broadcast networks to function as conduits for disinformation – much of it directed at demonizing the Soviet Union.
From the outset, the use of journalists was among the CIA’s most sensitive undertakings,” writes Bernstein.
He added: “By far the most valuable of these associations, according to CIA officials, have been with the New York Times, CBS and Time Inc.
How the CIA goes about planting false stories in the American and European media is outlined in this candid interview by John Stockwell, who was former National Security Council coordinator for the agency during the 1970s. Stockwell also added: “Enemies are necessary for the wheels of the US military machine to turn.”

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Peter Pan said...

If Putin can do it, then maybe Justin can launch a blitzkrieg that will see Canada conquer the US. The madness south of the border must end, preferably before winter sets in.