Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Vladimir Putin, Syria’s pacifier-in-chief — Pepe Escobar

Putin is coming across as very adroit. But it must also be mentioned — which Pepe Escobar doesn't do here — that securing the Middle East and Central Asia is existential for Russia.

Jihadis present a major threat to Russia on their own and they are also a proxy force in US hybrid warfare.

Putin is not just being a nice guy in helping out Assad. Russia has a major strategic interest in Mideast stability, which entails eradication of terrorism that can be directed at Russia from the south and southeast. China faces a similar threat of jihadi terrorism from the Uighurs on its eastern flank.

Asia Times
Vladimir Putin, Syria’s pacifier-in-chief
Pepe Escobar

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Peter Pan said...

It's existential for Europe too, yet you don't see their leadership breaking with their American "allies". Too many chefs?

A bigger threat to Russia is their aging population. That will hurt them more than any level of terrorism.