Monday, October 28, 2019

Eric Zuesse - Tulsi Gabbard’s ‘Hail-Mary Pass’ Against Hillary Clinton Failed?

An interesting article by Eric Zuesse. Bernie is getting better all the tume too.

Apparently, Gabbard’s strategy now is to continue to present to voters, both in the Democratic and in the Republican Parties as well as to independents, her vision of the type of country that America ought to be (not the type of country — for example — that invaded Iraq on the basis of lies in 2003); and, if she becomes rejected by her own Democratic Party, then, at that time, she might be able, with her now-established name-recognition and clearly articulated policy-views, to become the Green Party’s 2020 candidate and to present an appeal designed in order to draw enough independents, plus both Democrats and Republicans who have come to reject their former Parties, so as to stand a realistic chance of winning in 2020, in essentially the same way that Abraham Lincoln did in 1860, when the Republican Party replaced the previous Whig Party.

If the Democratic Party nominates Bernie Sanders, then she wouldn’t do that, but, otherwise, she might.

Global Research

Eric Zuesse - Tulsi Gabbard’s ‘Hail-Mary Pass’ Against Hillary Clinton Failed?

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Peter Pan said...

Bernie should have run as a 3rd party candidate, but he wanted to play sheepdog for Hillary. I hope Tulsi runs for the Greens or another 3rd party. Someone has to do it, may as well be someone principled enough to see the value in it.