Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Behind the Headlines from China — Martin Armstrong

This is a direct communication from our staff in China. This is what I mean when I say we have boots on the ground around the world. We do not need to rely on newspapers or TV who love to spin these events. Our direct sources are confirming that life is returning to normal in China. This is not coming from any propaganda put out by the government or other accusations people love to make. I have stated plenty of times, I prefer facts – not speculation. I believe this will peak out also by April/May here in the West.
I hope he is correct, but the West is not (yet) taking the stringent measures that China took. The Chinese people are essentially collectivist culturally (we are all in this together), while Westerners, and Americans and Brits in particular, are individualistic culturally (every man for himself). Therefore, measures that are applicable in China may not be as applicable in the West. 

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Behind the Headlines from China
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MAJOR: China Reports Zero New Domestic Virus Cases for first time


Peter Pan said...

More evidence this pandemic is overblown.
It did succeed in tanking the global economy.

Would it be possible to show the same level of urgency for other causes of death?

Or for tuberculosis?

hoonose said...

The difference is in avoiding relatively sudden and large local outbreaks that overwhelm local acute care HC resources.

TB and Influenza for instances are already within many if not most most medical communities, and show their faces from time to time. There already are established treatments, vaccines, as well as more widespread general immunity. So our medical communities have already adapted to those acute illnesses in most if not all locales. Not so, or not yet with covid19. Serious overloading potentials are still out there and those communities at risk still have their work cut out for them. Delay the spread now, while supplying and firming up relevant local HC capabilities.

Peter Pan said...

TB is a problem for the developing world. No urgency in saving those lives, apparently. Is it due to racism?

I'm asking why more isn't done.
Why do people's deaths have to be part of a news cycle for action to be taken?

Humanitarianism as media spectacle.

hoonose said...

Because actions taken today in the USA are helping to alleviate the potential overwhelming of local acute HC resources needed to deal with our current and acute covid19 problem. We don't want to experience a series of 'Italy's' in various locales of the USA in the near future.

We can and do help those in the 3rd world too. But those are different and longer term problems.

Peter Pan said...

US will end up like Italy, if not worse. Too little action, too late. Who shall we blame for that failure? Your government? Your culture?

There's no excuse for the failure of the developed world to help the 3rd world. I'm not singling out the US in that regard. It's a global humanitarian failure.

S400 said...

Some doctors in Thailand fear their strategy isn’t enough and saying their health system is already straining under pressure.