Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Links — 24 Mar 2020 Part 2

New Statesman
How America built the best pandemic response system in history – and threw it away
Will Dunn

George Selgin

Yahoo Finance
Our Money: MMT for State and Local Governments During COVID-19 Crisis

What Happens If U.S. Shale Goes Bust?
Haley Zaremba

Brave New World
Heiner Flassbeck – Corona Shock

Paul Cockshott's Blog
Guest Post: China defeats Coronavirus in 60 days. Builds global Sanitary Silk Road. Washington and Brussels in Chaos. What will happen in Latin America?
Dr. Heinz Dieterich

The Unz Review
Last Man Standing
Godfree Roberts

Moscow Health Department approves algorithm for home treatment of COVID-19

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