Friday, March 27, 2020

Links — 27 Mar 2020 Part 2

Mint Press News
Alan Macleod

People's Dispatch
Former Venezuelan soldier reveals plan to assassinate Nicolás Maduro
Brasil de Fato

The Grayzone
Trump admin’s $15 million bounty on Maduro triggers explosive confession of violent Guaidó plot
 Leonardo Flores

Russia to Continue Supporting Venezuela Amid Sanctions, Coronavirus - Foreign Ministry

US-China Trade War Claims Next Victim as West Australia-Huawei Joint Mobile Network Project Scrapped

US claims that Maduro is involved in drug trade absurd, says Russian diplomat

The Independent [The US is still a superpower along with Russia but lost its leadership position some time ago. The pandemic has only accelerated the process. It is a multipolar world now.]
Patrick Cockburn

The Unz Review
China Stakes Out the Post-Corona World
Anatoly Karlin


lastgreek said...

Tom, if I may add a serious news story, albeit a very funny one :)

"No Canadian" Twitter mocks Trump's plan to move troops to U.S. - Canada border

Canadian Resistance @CanadensisMax

"I think I'll slip across the border illegally where the healthcare is worse and the President thinks people's lives are dispensable," said no Canadian ever! #noCanadian

lastgreek said...

Every few years the fire department in my borough, as part of a public safety program, would send several officers to each and every home/business to check if smoke detectors are installed and functioning.

Wouldn't be a bad idea now that most of us are stuck home watching Murder She Wrote reruns if all cities and towns had their populations tested for the Corona virus. Forget the vaccine -- that's going to take too long. Remember the Zinka virus and all the talk about a vaccine coming soon? That was 5 years ago... and still no vaccine!

Test everyone. How hard can it be logistically?

Question: How many n95 masks does a lousy F-35 fighter buy these days? Asking for my wife who is a nurse.

Peter Pan said...

The virus detection test is too time consuming to be done at scale. There are reports of an antibody test, that could be used for mass testing. Without data, health experts are groping around in the dark.

Eventually, it will have to be acknowledged that "lock-downs" are not a viable long term strategy.