Wednesday, August 12, 2020

KV - Fashion in China

Western fashion has led the world and people from different ethnic backgrounds have sometimes even had plastic surgery to get that Western look, but I've always wondered how much of it was actually driven by the attraction to the wealth, power, and status which can make people look important and cool.

Chinese people were once having plastic surgery to get more European looking eyes, but could the trend ever reverse?

The bassball cap became fashionable in Europe, even though we did not play much bassball, but people thought they looked really cool. Good looking, confident, dashing stars wore them in Holywood films making them look great.

During the Roman Empire the toga became all the rage in Europe, and elsewhere, and wearing one could make you look very important and cool during that period.

But now China is rising and finding its own identity, so could it also become a leading trend setter in the World of fashion? I think so.


Peter Pan said...

Where South Korea leads, China may follow. SK is a country of superlatives.

Marian Ruccius said...

If a quarter of the world's population follows a fashion -- then whatever they are doing IS fashionable!