Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Degrowth and MMT: A thought experiment — Jason Hickel

Environmental sustainability, a green new deal and MMT. MMT opens up policy space to accomplish green objectives.

Good read. Pass it along to your progressive friends that are still drinking the neoliberal kool-aid.

Jason Hickel's Blog
Degrowth and MMT: A thought experiment
Jason Hickel


Peter Pan said...

A nickel for your thoughts :)

Marian Ruccius said...

Very good, and close to what Bill Mitchell has said elegantly years ago. But there is also a need for a cultural change. For any of this to work, we need to move people away from seeking to buy positional goods, and substituting the desire for these with positional public goods -- say as defined by the status of this community over others.

Peter Pan said...

Sure looks like a cultural change will be achieved the hard way.

Calgacus said...

Rather better than I expected. Degrowth, just like growthmanship focuses on something which should be ignored rather than aimed toward or against. Being for - or against it - means swallowing the neoliberal, neoclassical - and ultimately useless and unintelligible point of view, of GDP, of GDP growth. Hickel is still struggling, but he seems to understand this better than earlier pieces he's written.