Sunday, September 27, 2020

Links — 28 Sep 2020

Quillette (tribalism culturally and perspectivalism epistemologically)
The Bias that Divides Us
Keith E. Stanovich (Liberals are GOP lite — Rockefeller Republicans, but Progressives are center-left in comparison with the Left globally. The US no longer has a real left.)
Why Liberals Hate Leftists
Caitlin Johnstone

The Intercept (Democrats not immune either. Neofascism is on the rise.)
Democrats Need to Wake Up: The Trump Movement Is Shot Through With Fascism
Rich Benjamin

Strategic Culture Foundation (confirmation bias is one the strongest and most prevalent cognitive-affective biases.)
Gallup: Americans Tend to Trust Only News That Confirms Their Beliefs; Highly Educated Americans Are by Far the Most Closed-Minded Group

The Grayzone (longish and detailed)
Leaked docs expose massive Syria propaganda operation waged by Western govt contractors and media
Ben Norton

Contere (tip of the iceberg?)
How the CIA Helped Create the First Mexican Cartel: On Amazon's "The Last Narc"

Sputnik International (desperation)
'Anti-Capitalist' Material Banned From English Schools as Neo-McCarthyism Grips the West

Trial of a Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine in Russia: 'No Side Effects'

Russia and Huawei to Create Game-Changing New Android Alternative


Peter Pan said...

F-word being thrown around by Biden supporters. 2016 all over again?

Tom Hickey said...

Neither side will accept the result in case of losing. Add that to the politicization of the judiciary, the politicalization of intelligence, the surveillance state, militarization of domestic security, etc., and the US is in trouble of coming apart at seams owing to divisiveness, perception of government illegitimacy, and social unrest. Add that to the pandemic, rising inequality, a cultural war, etc. and the situation could become incendiary, especially if there is an economic steeper contraction.

Must be the Russians or Chinese fomenting a color revolution, wouldn't you say? (snark) That I need to mark this as humor says something, too.)

Peter Pan said...

Red or Blue... those colors don't signify revolution.

I can't imagine Americans would be willing to fight a civil over two 70-something swamp critters.

Peter Pan said...

Trumpers vs. Biden supporters would be a massacre; Trumpers have most of the guns.

Calgacus said...

Tom: Yes - that intercept article proves your point

The revelation that President Donald Trump sat on his hands upon learning that Russia paid bounties to kill American soldiers?

There is enough wrong with Trump that sticking to the truth is more than enough. Repeating exposed and transparent propaganda fabrications like that, like beating the mummified and cremated, with the ashes shot into space, horse called Russiagate - only helps Trump. Clearly the Dems are in the dangerous believing their own lies stage too. Bringing up a media clown like Goldhagen rather than a real historian fits in with the general dopiness.

But Trump has clearly become more contemptuous of democracy and elections and law than the very low bar set by the Dems and their Russiagate nonsense or the traditional Republican election-stealing, vote suppression tactics. In a world with Democrats and "liberals" who were less insane, like those of 20 years ago, that would be even clearer.

Matt Franko said...

If it’s a landslide then all of you guys handwringing will be for nothing...

Matt Franko said...

Just calm down and wait for Nov 3rd...

Peter Pan said...

Only danger is if Biden wins in a squeaker.
If Trump wins in a squeaker, the resistance don't have the weapons to stir up shit.
I still believe there'll be blood, as remaining protests are put down. Perhaps even another Kent State incident. Won't matter if its Trump or Biden at the helm.

The ruling class is authoritarian when they believe they have to be.