Thursday, September 24, 2020

Sweden shifts on no-lockdown strategy

Dr Anders Tegnell has now said that Sweden may implement localised lockdowns, but only for a maximum of two or three weeks

At least the Swedes are flexible and not dogmatic.

Sweden's state epidemiologist has said that he is now willing to recommend lockdown measures such as school closures, and strict limits to the size of gatherings - so long as they are only imposed locally and for three weeks at a time....


Sweden shifts on no-lockdown strategy


Sweden vs the best


Peter Pan said...

Lockdown doesn't work, have we not learned this yet?

NeilW said...

Difficult to learn that when you keep drawing up VW (Vallance/Whitty) graphs to curve fit to a belief.

Why isn't Peru on that graph? Harshest lockdown in the world, not effect.
Or Belgium. Or Spain. Or Italy.

Or best of all New York state and New Jersey.

Similarly explain the difference between Belgium and Germany.

There isn't even a correlation, never mind a causation.

The best explanation that fits the data is the one provided by Skinner's suspicious pigeons.