Friday, September 25, 2020

Russia Remains China’s Top Oil Supplier —Tom Kool

Russia has taken over from Saudi Arabia. For one thing, pipelines across land are more efficient than shipping by tankers. Secondly, Saudi Arabia is in the pocket of the US, which views China as an adversary in addition to a competitor.

Russia and China also settle in their own currencies in their own payments system.

This implies that Russia is far less dependent on the European market for its exports than it was previously.

Russia Remains China’s Top Oil Supplier
Tom Kool

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lastgreek said...

Heard the other day that beginning in 2035 no gasoline-powered cars will be sold in California.

If that means only battery cars, the Bolivians better get used to the rape of their country.

On the other hand, hydrogen fuel cell cars...

PS: Wonder if God's middle name is "Hydrogen" (you know, being the first element in our universe and such :) )