Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Fiscal Sustainability And The Fiscal Folk Theorem — Brian Romanchuk

Fiscal sustainability is often invoked in mainstream discussion of fiscal policy. However, "sustainability" is rarely defined in editorial pieces. The reason for this reticence is straightforward: there is no agreed-upon definition. Unfortunately for the concept, there is no clear way of testing whether real-world fiscal policies are sustainable, nor what are the side effects of being unsustainable.

This is related to what I refer to as the Fiscal Folk Theorem. If the technical definition of sustainability is not specified, nor the alleged problems created by unsustainability is specified, the discussion is inherently non-quantifiable -- no matter how many numbers are mentioned. The resulting discussion collapses to the Fiscal Folk Theorem. The theorem suggests that bad things can happen due to a high level of debt. However, this does not mean that something bad will happen -- as the Widowmaker Trade demonstrated....
Bond Economics
Fiscal Sustainability And The Fiscal Folk Theorem
Brian Romanchuk

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