Friday, October 16, 2020

Strategic Culture Foundation — Why You Won’t Find Us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

 In September 2020, the Strategic Culture Foundation was banned from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube following unsubstantiated claims that it was connected with Russian intelligence services and interfered in the US presidential elections on their orders. It means that you can’t find us on these platforms and, moreover, if you try to post any links leading to SCF on your personal page, you will most likely not be allowed to do that. This case provides a glimpse into the dystopian future of suppressing dissident voices by governments previously known as democratic. The overall picture is not that dire, though. You can follow us on Telegram and VK and sign up for our newsletter. Please spread the message if you value the freedom of information as we do.

Public service post. Who cares if they are associated with Russian intelligence, or Chinese intelligence for that matter. A whole lot of news organization and other news information sources in the West are associated with Western intelligence services. Don't believe anything you read with out verifying it, when it is all about controlling the narrative and disinformation is a tool.

Strategic Culture Foundation
Why You Won’t Find Us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube


Peter Pan said...

Any news source that is not transparent about its "associations" (should read: ownership) is untrustworthy. For example, I wouldn't trust RT if it claimed to be independent of the Russian government. Nor do I trust news services that are representative of no one but the editor.

I want to know what the line of the Russian, Chinese, or American government is.
I don't care what the line of Moon of Alabama, Godfree Robeerts, or Ben Shapiro is.

Matt Franko said...

“ banned from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube ”

Nobody goes to those places anymore they are too crowded....

Anybody who knows anything goes to the comment sections of blogs for their information...