Thursday, April 22, 2021

Brief Discourse On The Patriotic Communitarian Spirit — Rodrigo Sobota

 Traditionalism clashes with liberalism. The author is addressing Slavs, but it could be any traditionalist group, including in the liberal West. I am posting this since it illustrates what I have saying for some time about this conflict between traditionalism and liberalism at this moment in the historical dialectic. It is unlikely to be overcome easily, peacefully or in a short period.

Let us Slavs create communitarian bonds. Individualism does not belong to us, but rather, to the decadent West. So through the spirit of solid communitarianism, and through the new nationalistic sentiment, let us unfurl our flags and create a new civilization. This civilization must be built upon the spirit, the organic bonds of the narod, but also by unleashing ourselves from the decadent and corrupt egocentric outlook of the West.

The civilization of the West finds itself in its end phase. There is nothing sacred left, there is nothing left to preserve. The West is rotten, and so it falls upon us the mighty new task of building among us a new an organic body of civilization and polity based upon cooperation, community, socialism and patriotism – which alone belongs to us and carries the marks of our own unique traits.

In direct contradiction to the corrupt liberal capitalist individualism that has poisoned the West, I state that all the corrupt and negative influences that have so far poisoned the Slavic world since the end of Marxism must be duly purified with a new, strong, concise nationalism, that will alone reinvigorate ourselves and our spirit against the evils of Western decay. And so, through patriotic socialism, the Slavic world will again thrive! The spirit of communitarian patriotism is the spirit of the purification and the perfection of the Slavic soul from the evils of liberal capitalist consumerism, as well as the postmodern society.
Rodrigo Sobota

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Peter Pan said...

Old recycled nationalist claptrap which leads to authoritarianism and mass graves. Have the Slavs learned nothing from their past?

We are supposed to engage in collective action when it makes sense, when it is justified, and leave people alone to live their lives. The pandemic illustrates the difference in methods, and mindsets, between collectivism and individualism.

Lets call this for what it is.
Traditionalism is a byword for old fashioned authoritarianism.
Liberalism is a byword for righteous authoritarianism.
They represent the same METHODOLOGY.

The conceptual framework for individual action/freedom, can be found within anarchist thought. Not that your typical 20 something "anarchist" has studied it.