Monday, April 19, 2021

Rafa Euba - The hard life of the womaniser

 Becoming a Casanova isn't easy... or very appealing

By restricting his the way he relates to women to a mere sexual enterprise, a philanderer is condemning himself to a life of solitude.

Relating isn’t a competitive sport, or a circus skill.

A womaniser will need the kind of dedication and commitment also required in much worthier pursuits.

The lives of Casanova and Don Juan would be difficult to emulate and probably not very enjoyable.

Psychology Today 

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lastgreek said...

Before I say what I am going to say. let me say right away that I am a big Casanova fan. His autobiography is a must read.

Now, re. Casanova, it was easy for him. You see, unlike his contemporaries who were running around all over the world fighting wars for fame/booty or even something dumber like religion, he instead stayed put and "comforted" all the lonely wives. Can you blame him? I'd have done the same :)

If you have not done anything worthy of being recorded, at least write something worthy of being read. --GC

what a man!