Monday, April 19, 2021

Helen Leask - Vitamin D for All Over 50s to Prevent Cancer Deaths?

It's behind a paywall, but this is all you need to know, although it doesn't say the amount they recommend. Or get some sun, but you don't need much, something like 10 to 20 minutes three times a week, stopping just as you start to go slightly pink. 

Vitamin D supplementation for older healthy adults has been much debated. Recent attention has been focused on its potential for reducing the risk for and severity of COVID-19, but there is an older argument, boosted by recent evidence, for taking vitamin D to reduce deaths from cancer.

The recent data come from three meta-analyses published in 2019 that show a consistent and significant 13% reduction in cancer mortality with vitamin D.



lastgreek said...

When you're outside this summer, roll up your sleeves :)

Easy with the sunglasses. If there was ever a more useless creation, it's sunglasses. If you do want to wear them, avoid the brown, amber lenses that block out the blue light, because you're basically telling your brain it's time for beddy-bye. Your eye lenses -- yeah, yours truly -- already block 99% of the sun's harmful rays, so don't buy the hype that you need them to protect your eyes.

Alexander the Great never wore shades. Think about that!

Peter Pan said...

We're Canadians, we are sun worshipers from May to September.