Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Sputnik — Brussels Wants SWIFT Shut-Off, Halt to Russian Energy Use 'If Ukraine Aggression Continues'

Death wish?

Sputnik International ((Russian state-sponsored media))
Brussels Wants SWIFT Shut-Off, Halt to Russian Energy Use 'If Ukraine Aggression Continues'

Moscow on Potential Shut-Off of SWIFT: 'Let Them Try It, We'll Respond'
Russia began developing its SPFS system in 2014, following Washington's threats to disconnect it from SWIFT over Crimea situation. The first transaction on the network took place in late 2017.
Russia Has Basis for Analogue of SWIFT, FM Lavrov Says

Zero Hedge
Russia Holds Live-Fire Naval Drills Just As US Coast Guard Vessel Enters Black Sea
Tyler Durden

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SouthFront (US government alleges that SouthFront is a Russian operation)
Business As Usual: Ukrainian Nationalists Hold Rally Commemorating SS “Galicia” Division

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Caught between Western values and economic sense.

DW (German state-sponsored media)
Deutschland und China setzen auf Kooperation


"The reason I think is twofold. One is that during ‘Russiagate,’ and the whole hysteria that surrounded it, there was this propaganda campaign to convince a huge part of the population, namely liberals and Democrats, that Russia posed as an existential threat to the United States and they believed it to the point where they think everything we can do against Russia we ought to do, and if you stand up and question it as we are doing now, it means you are some kind of spy for the Kremlin, which I'm sure people will say about this segment," Greenwald said.

According to Greenwald, the other part to the problem is that since the war on terror is winding down and Washington is pulling out of Afghanistan, the question of keeping big arms manufacturers who have political influence in Washington in business "where the government using taxpayer money to buy weapons" arises.
Sputnik International
Glenn Greenwald Says US-Russia Relationship ‘Clearly at Low Point,’ Names Two Reasons Why


Drumming up business.

TASS (Russian state media)
Russia demonstrates S-400 combat capabilities to [friendly] foreign military attaches


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