Monday, April 19, 2021

Important announcement by the Saker! — The Saker

Recent events have forced me to take some important decisions which I have to share with you know.

First, from now on, the Saker blog shall not post any texts or videos from the four organizations which the US Treasury has declared “disinformation outlets controlled by Russian intelligence services”. These are:
The Strategic Culture Foundation

I want to stress that in my opinion these organizations did nothing absolutely wrong and that accusation is as false as all the other accusations against Russia since 2013. I therefore apologize to all of them for having to take this decision.

The US government, however, feels otherwise and it is not my role to interfere in these issues. Please understand that I am a guest of the United States (a “legal alien” in their terminology) and this morally obliges me to act as a guest and obey all the current US laws, irrespective of my personal assessment of these laws.

Furthermore, from now on, I will post no articles or videos which will discuss internal US politics (US foreign policy is fine). Again, not only is it not my role as a foreign guest to interfere in internal US politics, and the Saker blog is mostly focused on international relations anyways.
Does anyone else feel a chill in the air? Sounds like the Saker got a visit.

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Important announcement by the Saker!
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Peter Pan said...

Here's another source of information that the powers that be wish to censor:
Covid-19: An Interview With Knut Wittkowski (April 2021)

Discussion of lockdown strategy, vaccines, nutritional supplements, and more.

Ryan Harris said...

Have Democratic party governments always practiced this censorship, street thuggery and harrassment of opposition? I know Obama admin was more active in using regulatory agencies to punish companies that didn't contribute money and media had a narrow overton window. I don't remember Clinton's presidency, I was in HS/College. The disinformation used during the election, media bias, censorship of all dissenters just seems to be an entirely new level, more insidious than Mccarthy's ham fisted attempts. Or maybe I just didn't notice before.

Peter Pan said...

Perspectives On The Pandemic: Catching Up With Knut Wittkowski PhD

by Journeyman Pictures - published March 21, 2021.

lastgreek said...

PP, is the “k” in “Knut” pronounced? :)

Peter Pan said...

Knut ist keine Nuss.

Peter Pan said...

Covid: The Political Pandemic

Retrospective of the handling of the pandemic in Canada.

Peter Pan said...

Wake up, Ontario!
Time to check the plumbing and take out the clog named Doug Ford.

Matt Franko said...

Started with the Clintons.... still going... Clintonistas still have a lot of influence in Democrat party...

lastgreek said...

Every time I visit the US, I am pleasantly surprised at the kindness of the people. Take the last trip which was in Virginia. We, the family, had a great time, made lots of friends. Not kidding. And they kept in touch as they said they would. We weren't 2 weeks back in Canada when we started receiving emails (and post cards!) from the Americans we met asking how we doin' and such :)

Unfortunately, Americans, like the ones we had met, rarely gravitate to politics. Instead you have the sociopaths like the Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, and the ultimate gargoyle, Trump. It sucks for the rests of us.

Matt Franko said...

Yo trump never ran for office before...