Tuesday, April 20, 2021

KV - Nice Pics 4

I have no details for some of these. 

There's some sort of filter used on the above. 

Nicholas Lake, Colorado 

An elf log cabin spotted after an afternoon down at the Crooked Billet, Wetherspoons. 


Super Creepy, Abandoned Castle, in Celles, Belgium

Autumn Bench

Bullet vs M&Ms

Pskov Krom, Russia

Las Lajas, Sanctuary in Narino, Columbia


Peter Pan said...

Splendid :)

Keep 'em coming.

Going to set the creepy castle photo as desktop wallpaper.

Peter Pan said...

More about the abandoned castle:
Château Miranda

Kaivey said...

I'm glad you like them, I was a bit concerned because so off topic.

lastgreek said...

K, we need more off topic subjects to offset a bit Tom's gloom and doom posts :)

Kaivey said...

Oh thanks, last Greek. I might put out some is my twitter jokes, but they might be a bit barmy. It's whether people get the irony.

Tom Hickey said...

Tom's gloom and doom

Sorry but I see a repeat of Vietnam and Iraq in the cards, with much worse consequences, all in the name of empire under the guise of "spreading freedom and democracy."

I was a gung-ho Eisenhower Republican going into Vietnam but when I got onsite and "woke," I realized it was all about resisting a people's liberation movement and decolonization. I got radicalized in the process.

The US was fighting on the wrong side, defending the rule of a comprador colonial elite, and it cost ten of thousands of young American lives, ruined many more futures, and largely destroyed a whole region, not only Vietnam.

We are walking into a similar scenario now with Iran, Russia and China, which is a whole different game. So far, American, Brits, and Europeans don't seem to get the magnitude of this, which is not surprising since they are not being told.

Remember "brinksmanship"? Like sauntering to the brink and staring into the abyss. I remember nuclear war drills when I was in the fifth grade, which we had to move away from the windows and hide under desks — terrified.

So, sorry about the gloom and doom.

lastgreek said...

Tom, no need at all to apologize.

Peter Pan said...

I live close enough to a Canadian Forces Base, that the end will be swift and painless.

Kaivey said...

I wished I lived in Central London, then I wouldn't even notice anything, gone in a flash, but I live in the suburbs. When Hiliry was about to start WW3, I did think about it and I wished I hadn't.

Kaivey said...

You put a lot of hard work in, Tom, and it's much appreciated. I've posted a lot of stuff you've put out here on Twitter.