Saturday, April 24, 2021

KV - Nice Pics 7


Dandelions from a bugs perspective

The Master of the Universe

Peaceful sleep

Hale House, Heritage Square Museum, Los Angeles 

Aspen, Colorado 

Mount Fuji

Quaint rural cottage 

Autumn view through a leaf

Hummingbird in flight 

Son of a woodcutter, Eden Mills, Vermont, colourised, 1936 


Kaivey said...

Son of a Woodcutter. What is stunning is the clarity.

Peter Pan said...

Was scanned from the negative, which might be a silver plate?

Ansel Adams' work from before then, was stunning in its clarity.

I wonder what those photos effective resolution is, in megapixels.

lastgreek said...

From my perspective, I love dandelions. I eat them whenever I can. Of course they are drenched in olive oil with feta cheese on the side. If you haven't had them, you people don't know what you're missing. No fluke I am one of the healthiest people on the planet :)

Peter Pan said...

I prefer chocolate. Dandelions are pretty to look at.

lastgreek said...

One man's weeds are another man's food.

Peter Pan said...

Lawns are a weed. Dandelions are part of nature's grandeur.

lastgreek said...

I agree. This obsession with pretty lawns is silly.