Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Assaf Ayalon - Discography

 Last year I came across a terrific song, which was being used in a demonstration video to show you how to put solid tyres on a bike. Shazam identified it as, Be Mine GF, by DJ Sprite, but I knew he didn't make the song as his music is all hard core techno. He must have just liked the song and so put it in his profile. 

I've been trying to find the artist of this lovely song ever since, but today I finally found out who it was, and it's a little known Jewish musician called, Assef Ayalon. He's a brilliant singer and guitarist, and tends to be bluesy / Bob Dylan sounding, and sounds so professional, like he's been around for years. Still, his instrumental music is very modern, using lots of synths and keyboards, and I adore it. I'm incredibly excited about finding his superb music, which is a little bit muzak at times, but refreshingly different just the same, and totally beautiful! He gives his music away free (royalty free), so I suppose it's not very commercial. 

Anyway, here's the song I love so much, which is called, Verve, and below that is a compilation of his. The first half is instrumental, and is quite modern, while the second half has singing, which seems to be very Dylan inspired, and is more old school. 

Anyway, no one likes what I like, because I don't like regular music, as I much prefer off-beat obscure stuff. But this is absolutely fabulous instrumental soft rock/ easy listening. My girlfriend says Verve sounds like advert muzak. Oh well, but it does actually turn up on a lot of adverts because it's royalty free, and sounds terrific too. 


Assef Ayalon - Discography

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