Saturday, May 22, 2021

KV - Nice Pics 9

 Shaman Caterpillar 

Wet Fly

NS Savannah Control Room

A Wave

My girlfriend didn't like the new shower 

(Marrakesh shower) 

Perception (Top of Building). It looks like an electronics board. 

Engineering can be beautiful! 

It failed the audition for the part in Star Wars as RD-D2 

The same here. 

This one didn't stand a chance. A nice try, though. 

A British farmer decided to dye his sheep different colours, using a natural wash-out dye, to cheer drivers up during Covid as they drove by his farm. The only thing is, the sheep felt a little embarrassed when their mates saw them through the fence at the neighbouring farm. 

More tomorrow. 

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Peter Pan said...

Failed R2-D2 ~ successful Dalek ?