Thursday, May 27, 2021

Josie Glausiusz- Blood Brothers: Palestinians and Jews Share Genetic Roots

Jews break down into three genetic groups, all of which have Middle Eastern origins – which are shared with the Palestinians and Druze.

Confronted by the violence sweeping over Israel, it can be easy to overlook the things that Jews and Palestinians share: a deep attachment to the same sliver of contested land, a shared appetite for hummus, a common tradition of descent from the patriarch Abraham, and, as scientific research shows - a common genetic ancestry, as well. 


lastgreek said...

Before I look up the origin of the word "kebab," I will add that dinosaurs and today's chickens also share genetic roots.

So the next time you stare into the eyes of a chicken (you know, on your next farm visit), remember that you are actually staring into the eyes of a dinosaur :)

Trivia: you need 10 square meters of area per chicken if you've lost your freakin' mind and thinking of getting chickens to keep.

lastgreek said...

What can I say I am a farmer...