Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Reagan v Dementia Joe


We are so screwed.... all you leftist assholes here who supported this guy are to blame..,


Peter Pan said...

You have dementia if you believe MNE has an audience full of Biden supporters.

Jerry Brown said...

Try to be a little reasonable Matt- you'd be amazed how many people wouldn't consider you an asshole either.

Ahmed Fares said...

re: short-bus people

Quote from lawyer:

Watkins, the “Q Shaman” Jacob Chansley’s attorney, said his client had Asperger’s syndrome and indicated that Chansley’s mental state — and the impact of Trump’s “propaganda” efforts — would play a role in his case.

“A lot of these defendants — and I’m going to use this colloquial term, perhaps disrespectfully — but they’re all fucking short-bus people,” Watkins told TPM. “These are people with brain damage, they’re fucking retarded, they’re on the goddamn spectrum.”

“But they’re our brothers, our sisters, our neighbors, our coworkers — they’re part of our country. These aren’t bad people, they don’t have prior criminal history. Fuck, they were subjected to four-plus years of goddamn propaganda the likes of which the world has not seen since fucking Hitler.”

lastgreek said...

“short-bus people”

I took it to mean that mainly short people take the bus. No?

lastgreek said...

Reagan almost blew up the world. But, you gotta admit he had amazing hair!

Unknown said...

What a turn-off MNE's become with the deranged Matt Franko on board bad-mouthing from dawn to dusk!

Ahmed Fares said...

Urban Dictionary: short bus

Generally, the short bus is a smaller version of a regular school bus that carries mentally challenged students to school. On rare occasions, if your school board is a bunch of assholes (like mine), you will be forced to ride in a short bus for field trips if you class contains less than 18 students.

Teacher: We'll all be going on a trip to the art museum Friday!
Class: Hooray!
Teacher: And we're taking a short bus!
Class: ............
Time: Passes
Class: *is riding the short bus on the highway*
Other cars: *point and laugh*
Class: *is mortified*