Friday, August 2, 2013

Conveniently Late Probe Finds Whole Nation Rigged at Expense of Middle Class - You Don't Say!

Commentary by Roger Erickson

This was known - and publicized - by many the day it started, and is just one of many TBTJ bankster schemes. Bill Black, et al? Whistleblowers? Cowed DAs? Brooksley Born?

Our current & prior administrations ORDERED that such things not be officially "discovered" until the statute of limitations had conveniently run out on many of the transgressions. And, all that AT the specific request of the lobbies working specifically FOR the TBTF banksters!

Plus, they argued and even arranged that we simply couldn't afford to stop the biggest thefts! (WTF? Can we just stop the stupid?)

That and the pace of making many financial thefts no longer illegal.

For Pete's sake, people!

A foolish, complacent electorate and it's options are soon parted? Already were. Nothing left but the yellen.

And even that may regress back to another summers of greater discontent, with even more fraud and looting of the US Middle Class.

Just how dumb IS this electorate?

Is this how the latest conversation went, among Bob Rubin, et al?

[Hmmm. They haven't arrested Larry Summers yet? Or Alan Greenspan? Not even Geithner??? Damn! Then they certainly ain't coming after me. Look, the opportunity is still there, boys, so let's shoot for double or nothing and make our new boy Fed Chief too. Then we can cash in 100x! How much do we need? Who cares! Take as much as we can, for as long as we can. That's our motto! It's what we do. Might get in the record books yet.
 The Grand Banks never ran out, right? Nor the Bison? Not even the Passenger Pigeon? Can't deplete the US Middle Class either! Now let's get to work. Hut, hut, hut. We got pensions to pilfer!

psst, Alan, if these bozos are dumb enough to swallow this, why can't I just make myself the next president instead of another flunky from Chicago or Arkansas ... or even the oil guys? It'll be like taking FICA from those stupid labor classes. Just how hard do you have to kick these people before they respond? You know, in a way, this is actually for their own good. Teach 'em not to be complacent. That's it, you know :)  I'm stealing their lunch for their own good. (chuckles .. ) Stupid @#$%!s. God how I despise 'em. Makes me wanna kick 'em even harder. Just to see how dumb these %$#'s really are.]


John Zelnicker said...

Roger -- I read recently that 1 in 10 Americans is taking anti-depressants. And they're being prescribed for a lot of ailments other than depression.

Roger Erickson said...

The #1 reason to use anti-depressants may well be politics, aka - what passes today for policy.