Sunday, July 10, 2016

Alexander Mercouris — McFaul on Russia: How the US’ Demands Risk War

McFaul’s piece [in the Washington Post] encapsulates everything which is wrong and dangerous about US policy. As is only too obvious, in his world view and in that of the neocons Russia – and all other countries – are not entitled to their own opinions and are certainly not entitled to an independent foreign policy. The only proper and “good” course for them is to agree to whatever the US demands of them. When they behave differently by acting in their own interests they are doing something wrong and bad, become “evil” and are vilified and attacked.
This is an impossible, overweening demand the like of which has never been made by any Great Power since the Fall of the Roman Empire. There is no possibility of strong independent countries like Russia ever agreeing to it. Demanding it of them is what is driving the world towards war.
The Duran
McFaul on Russia: How the US’ Demands Risk War
Alexander Mercouris

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