Monday, July 4, 2016

Andrei — Three new names on Trump’s potential VPs list

According to CNN Politics, Joni Ernst appeared on the VP shortlist this weekend, alongside Indiana Governor Mike Pence and Arkansas Senator Tom Cottom, both of them praised by the Republican nominee.
Voter alert: Tom Cotton, Joni Ernst and Mick Pence are war hawks.

Tom Cotton Becomes Right’s Leading Hawk. This is the guy who told Iran that the nuclear agreement would be repealed as soon as possible after the 2016 election when the GOP takes over.  He also wants to increase domestic surveillance.

Pence is a sidekick of John McCain and accompanied McCain to Iraq. He opposed US withdrawal from Iraq. Pence also co-sponsored a spending limit bill for Congress.

Joni Ernst has been compared to Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman. She was so much of a wild card that her handlers would not let her meet with the press during her Senate campaign and she just read prepared statements without taking questions.
As a female Republican candidate with extreme, far right-wing views and a love for guns, Iowa’s U.S. Senate hopeful Joni Ernst is a lot like Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann. In fact, Ernst’s top campaign strategist, David Polyansky, was Bachmann’s deputy campaign manager during her 2012 presidential campaign.

Joni Ernst is different because she’s more dangerous. Unlike those other two faded Tea Party stars, Ernst comes across as slightly less unhinged, and thus more electable. And she has worked tirelessly since her June primary victory to distance herself from the hard right positions she had previously taken on most issues.

But although she’s done a
good job of hiding them, Ernst’s ideas are as far outside the mainstream as any of the nonsense that spews from Palin or Bachmann’s Twitter accounts. An ad released over the summer by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee featured Ernst calling Palin the “type of people that we need in our federal government,” and that she was “just absolutely ecstatic to have her endorsement” after Palin backed her in the Republican primary. — 12 Reasons Why Joni Ernst Is 2014’s Most Extreme GOP Senate Candidate. [Read the reasons. This lady is really unhinged.]
Combined with Trump's SCOTUS shortlist and his selection of political advisors, Trump's revealed preferences so far show him to on extreme right wing of the GOP in spite of the hype that this time it's different. The peace candidate? Really?

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Three new names on Trump’s potential VPs list

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[CNN's political analyst Errol] Lewis continued, "I think everybody, everybody who's not a complete partisan understands exactly what his campaign is doing. They understand that it is deliberate. They understand that they're playing footsie with some very dangerous radical, disgusting elements of this country and that they hope to ride in the White House based on that support, and it's disgraceful."
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John Amato

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Matt Franko said...

"This is the guy who told Iran that the nuclear agreement would be repealed as soon as possible"

It all eventually has to go back to Iran.....

Malmo's Ghost said...

He picks Ernst he wins in a landslide. He doesn't pick her he wins in a landslide.

Seve141 said...


The Iran nuclear deal hasn't been honored by the US, so it has already been effectively repealed?

At least from the Iranian point of view ......

So that shouldn't be a real issue for the Donald .. or America.

Tom Hickey said...

The Supreme Leader was against it from the beginning, warning that the US doesn't not honor its agreements, Or as the Native Americans used to say, Great White Father speaks with forked tongue.

Bob said...

Ending a peace treaty is easy.