Sunday, July 10, 2016

Calvin F. Exoo — The Chilcot Report Fails to Speak Plain Truth: Bush Lied, So Did Blair

The newly released Chilcot Report on Iraq is British understatement, to a fault. In fact, it is understated so far as to miss the plain truth of the matter. Saying only that extremely questionable intelligence "was not challenged [by the Bush and Blair regimes] and it should have been" is failing to say plainly what the evidence so clearly shows: George W. Bush lied; so did Tony Blair.…

The Chilcot Report Fails to Speak Plain Truth: Bush Lied, So Did Blair
Juan Cole

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John said...

As ever with an inquiry of this type, don't look to what the committee have to say but look at the evidence and testimony that was given. And this is evidence and testimony clearly sets out that there was little wrong with the intelligence: the analysts and the intelligence services were not saying that Iraq had WMD, but were saying either that they did not exist at all or were so negligible as to be a total irrelevance. But once Blair's henchmen, spin doctors and the specially created unit within Downing Street got hold of the evidence, they spun it to give the conclusion that their master wanted.

"Lying" is too weak a term for what Blair and his gangsters did. The least the House of Commons can do is pass the motion of contempt on Blair, strip Blair and others of any titles, ban or at least give notice that they should never be allowed to hold office of any kind in future. Meanwhile, we can only hope that lawyers will keep Blair (and hopefully others) in court for decades to come, thereby wrecking their physical and mental health and bleed them of money. The last would be Blair's worst nightmare, devoted as he is to money.

The wonderful thing with something like the Chilcot Inquiry is, as I said, the staggering amount of evidence and testimony that damns Blair. Not only has he effectively been found guilty by the inquiry, there's going to be a constant drip effect of reporting and books that will prove beyond any doubt what he is and what he did. Unfortunately he'll never be thrown out of a helicopter into Baghdad, but what awaits him in parliament, the courts, public opinion and his ability to make money will haunt him. I hope it fucking kills him - very slowly and very painfully.