Thursday, July 21, 2016

F. William Engdahl — Why China Risks War over Those Wet Rocks

Naked power grab by — the US, conducted under the appearance of a judicial proceeding. China is calling BS and is ready to fight over it on the principle that if lines are not drawn, the US will just seize everything it possibly can under some pretext, through internal subversion or at the point of a gun. China is having none of it.

Engdahl explains the details that the news media are not reporting.

Why China Risks War over Those Wet Rocks
F. William Engdahl

This exchange between a German journalist and a flamboyant Russian politician [Vladimir Zhirinovsky] who is often compared with Donald Trump, happened more than a month ago on Russia’s popular Channel 1.
Russia Insider
'You Will All Die, Every Last One of You!' Top Russian Politician Blasts NATO Members (Video)
Alexei Pankin

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Detroit Dan said...

While the U.S. is definitely hypocritical in advocating for the rule of international law in this situation, a quick look at the map will show that the Philippines is right and China wrong.