Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Jason Hirthler — The Corporate Liberal in America

Whether seated in Congress or exiting a voting booth, a corporate liberal is someone who supports anything progressive that does not challenge corporate power. In practice, this means corporate liberals will fight for progressive identity politics. If it has to do with race, sexual orientation, and gender, it generally doesn’t challenge corporate power.  
Major corporations support progressive positions on those issues, too. Corporate liberals march for gay rights and the larger LGBTQ community itself. They support feminism. They support reproductive rights. They support African-American protests against police brutality—up to the point where they become threatening to the establishment. (Bill Clinton did initiate the prison industrial complex that unduly incarcerates huge numbers of minorities.)…
AKA Volvo liberals or latté liberals. Missing in the trenches.

The Corporate Liberal in America
Jason Hirthler


Ryan Harris said...

The 0.00000001% sat down to have chat and a nice cup of tea and chat about corporate governance in JPM HQ. Which is sort of amusing given JPMs controversial role in our corporatocratic history. At least nothing significant has changed on that front in the last couple hundred years.

Tom Hickey said...

The purpose of the meeting was supposedly about the "tragedy" of private investment being in privately held companies rather than pubic because bad governance and too much regulation.

Dimon's real concern is that investment is not going into publicly offered and traded financial instruments that are the big banks bread and butter.

Industrial capital is squeezing financial capital because financial capital is squeezing out so much rent and generally running amok.