Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Kevin Drum — Trump Auctions Himself Off to Wall Street

Check this out:
Donald Trump has told prospective donors that, if elected president, he plans to nominate former Goldman Sachs banker Steve Mnuchin for U.S. Treasury Secretary.That’s according to Anthony Scaramucci, a high-profile hedge fund manager and Trump fundraiser....Earlier this year, the 53-year-old Mnuchin joined Donald Trump’s campaign as national finance chairman.
Trump's message to Wall Street is: The guy calling you for donations is going to be Secretary of the Treasury in a few months. So no worries: treat him right and he'll treat you right.…
Mother Jones
Trump Auctions Himself Off to Wall Street
Kevin Drum

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John said...

Carl Icahn's won't be getting the gig? Who'd have thought it?