Friday, July 8, 2016

Nailed it again! Called it again! Stocks, economy, jobs report! MMT Trader

Nailed it again. Called it again. The jobs report. The stock market at record highs. The economy picking up steam. No recession. NO RECESSION.

You’ll only find this analysis and these calls on this blog and in my MMT Trader report.

This is the only blog. The only blog. Applied MMT. No droning on like some academic. No whining about how policy makers don't employ MMT concepts. Who cares? Make money. Take care of yourself.

Understanding, Usefulness. A tool in your hands. Leave behind the academic blah, blah.

In the past two years I have been calling the economy and markets to a tee, focused on fiscal flows (top line spending). You would have gotten killed listening to the others' warning about recessions.

No one does the work that I do here and the analysis that you will find in my MMT Trader report.

I look at the right information. I have completely dissected the Daily Treasury Statement. I teach it, for goodness sakes. This is the most leading data. Gives the flows. I can see the deficit (as if that matters) every day.

We win here.

MMT Trader report. MMT applied.

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