Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Pepe Escobar — How Donald Trump will follow the money

The headline is a bit misleading. The post is much broader and includes US foreign and military policy as well as the economy.

In modern liberal "democracies," policy battles are among elites, and this one is between industrial capital and finance capital. Industrial capitalists want their country back and think that Trump can deliver it to them.

Policy is prime determinate in macroeconomics, and this is a policy war among US elite and their disparate interests. Since the US is the global hegemon, its economic, foreign and military policy shapes the global economy as well as geopolitics. Industrial capital wants a course correction. Finance capital, backed by the Democrats, want to stay on course, which is a collision course with Russia and China in Eurasia.

How Donald Trump will follow the money
Pepe Escobar


Gary Hart said...

Trump had better watch his back. It seems that the banksters that own the media and run Washington have pulled a fast one on him and installed their man as candidate for VP. That explains the news leak and all of the fuss in the media about Trump being slow to make a decision. The same people pulled this with Kennedy. If they can't have Killory, then they will have Lil’ Mikey.

Matthew Franko said...

'Industrial Capital' is fully competent...

Salsabob said...

An article for the clueless, either written by the clueless or by those in the know and wanting to keep the clueless as they are.

The title including "follow the money" is ironic. Follow Trump's money. He's been blackballed for years by Western banks left holding the bag one too many times. So who fronts him the money, who buys his business ventures?

It's the Russian oligarchy, and these days that is known as the Putin mafia.

Trump is into Putin for 100s of millions of dollars; Putin owns him.

Look at the one thing the Trump people insisted on in the writing of the GOP platform, the rest of it they didn't give a crude about and left it to the t-baggers and religious nuts to fill out, resulting in the most Far Right platform since Goldwater. Trump didn't care, except for one thing. Take a look at the Ukraine policy position.

For godsakes, Manaford was Yanukovych's communications director. How many breadcrumbs do people need? Just do some Google, and you'll be more educated about Trump's motivations than 99% of the people.

Tom Hickey said...

Garry Kasparov has been pushing that line along with all things anti-Putin.

Khordokovsky too.

Tom Hickey said...

I also find this concern over Trump and "Russian money" risible in comparison with the money received by HRC from abroad while she was serving as US secretary of state. It I also risible in light of all the $$$ that flows into US campaign from US oligarchs and major corporate interests. At least, the money that has flowed to Trump is loans against his assets. But contributions, donations and speeches? Trump pretty much self-finance initially. With Bernie it was small donors. Hillary?

This should be an interesting campaign with both sides fighting over how much crooked money the other side has taken.

At least Trump admitted from the outset that it not only exists but also there is a presumption of quid pro quo, while the rest of the political world is in denial and the rest of the country is shaking its collective head at the amounts involved and where they are coming from.

Anyway, the evidence at this point is mostly hearsay from what I have seen, other than the US banks shutting him down and his having to rely on Deutschebank and Russians for financing. It's even possible his bid for the presidency was a way out for him.
If he wins his financial issues will be behind him, judging from the Clintons. And he's got his kids coming along behind him who are sure to go into politics now too.