Friday, May 4, 2018

Moon of Alabama Media — Use Disinformation To Accuse Russia Of Spreading Such

Catching out (chiefly UK) media lies. The Guardian in particular takes on the chin.

Moon of Alabama
Media Use Disinformation To Accuse Russia Of Spreading Such


Konrad said...

Now that the Tories rigged the Thursday elections so that they remained in power, the corporate media outlets have doubled their lies.

No one believes the Skripal poisoning hoax, or the Douma gassing hoax, or the white helmets hoax, or any of other hoaxes and lies, but the corporate media outlets keep churning them out anyway, faster and faster. And they are increasingly demanding that the government “combat Russian disinformation” (i.e. they want the government to crush domestic dissent).

The liars are demanding that we be silenced to “keep us safe.” They want RT and Sputnik blocked. They want truth to be labeled “fake news.” They want calls for peace to be labeled “hate speech.” They want independent investigation labeled “conspiracy theories.” They want critical inquiry to be labeled “terrorism.” They want any questioning of Israeli atrocities to be labeled “anti-Semitism.”

And the beat goes on.

Kaivey said...

look at what the West had done in ME and then try to imagine China or Russia doing that. Well, imagine the uproar and the indignation? The West is easily more evil than everyone else.

Then try to imagine that Russia had done to the Palestinians what Israel had done. Imagine what our press would say?

Did Russia or China blanket bomb a continent with napalm and phosphorus killing millions, but the West are the good guys because we did.