Friday, May 4, 2018

Zero Hedge — Trump Cuts Off Funding For Syria's "White Helmets"

ZH does its own exposé.

Zero Hedge
Trump Cuts Off Funding For Syria's "White Helmets"
Tyler Durden

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Samantha Power catches it on Twitter after support of the White Helmets. Scroll down to view the comments on her post.

Samantha Power


Konrad said...

I’m so confused.

All this time I have been told that the “white helmets” terrorist organization was a domestic “humanitarian group.”

I had been told that the bloodthirsty “white helmets” were such saints that they were given an Academy Award™ for their lies.

The sociopathic Samantha Power assured me that the "white helmets" assassins are "volunteers who have heroically and selflessly saved tens of thousands of lives."

Now we learn that the U.S. government has been funding these head-choppers as part of the war on Syria.

Who knew? Who even suspected? I think I’m going to cry.

Fortunately the U.S. government will continue to fund the butchers-for-hire. CBS News says that, “U.S. officials are working to see if there is a way to adjust existing funding to cover the costs for these projects.”

Matt Franko said...

“sociopathic Samantha Power”

Maybe the White Helmets are all gay????

Matt Franko said...

You guys are looking at all of this as some sort of big political economy issue maybe the real issue is gender and sexuality....