Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Many Times Can You Repeat "Treasury did nothing"?

Barofsky Interview: Another Financial Crisis All But Inevitable

Can we launch a citizen's arrest of Geithner the crook? Or at least a class-action lawsuit?


paul meli said...

Only Geithner?

beowulf said...

Well no, Geithner hasn't actually broken any laws (well no laws that ever enforced).
He's getting out at the right time (he's said he's leaving at the end of the year, whether or not Obama wins), if Obama wins and the GOP keeps the House, for good or ill, they'll be lining up impeachment proceedings for everybody in the administration they can.

George Washington said...

Arrest them? Who will do it Roger Erickson? You stop being a controlling BOSS and expecting someone else to do the dirty work. You go pick up some duct tape, and personally tie geithners hands together and so NO MORE, like the founding fathers did. You weak willed complainer who expects others to do the dirty work, YOU DO IT task master!

I could have sat around like you, a real loser, and said, someone needs to stop the king and arrest his tax enforcers, but I wasn't a wimp like you that only bitched like a useless drama queen, I took out my musket and started popping some caps in asses and got results. Pathetic.

Roger Erickson said...

Janet Reno to the rescue, taking on the financial cronies in government.

Anonymous said...

citizens arrest reminds me of the burbs.

your posts are great btw.. ignore the haters.

Roger Erickson said...

@George Washington;

Your point is well taken. Been saying the same myself for 12 years.

The original GW was no dummy. He was actually in the British continental army half his life, before finally making his CAREFULLY CALCULATED move.

Times have only gotten far more complicated. We need a campaign strategy that will actually work. Another Whiskey Rebellion, or another OWS won't work.

please contact me directly, so we can talk more seriously

rge (at) operationsinstitute (dot) commie :)

Roger Erickson said...


GW's remarks are dripping in sarcasm, regardless of which of his many aliases is used. You can recognize his style immediately, and it often goes right over the head of those seeing it the 1st time.

the AE's are pathologically limited. GW is smart and, like a lot of us, extremely frustrated.

No amount of frustration will help though. Like Caesar's campaign in Gaul, we need a comprehensive, serious campaign plan to once again "make a more perfect union."

If it were easy, it would have happened already.

This is going to be fun, and only the patient, persistent & dedicated will survive. Start teaching MMT to USMC officers.