Saturday, September 29, 2012

Howard Fineman — Armageddon in Congress Is Next

Howard Fineman looks at what's coming post-election, and none of the alternatives look good. BTW, President Obama is at 78.9% at Intrade this morning, so unless the Democrats take Congress with a super-majority in the Senate (or change the rules if only a majority), there is going to be gridlock and continuing divisiveness and obstruction. Worst case scenario: US recession resulting from fiscal austerity or deadlock leads to global contagion.

The Huffington Post | Politics
Armageddon in Congress Is Next: Countdown Day 39
Howard Fineman | Editorial Director, Huffington Post Media Group

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Dan Lynch said...

Gridlock may be the best we can hope for. If across the board cuts kick in, they can easily be rolled back later when the political climate changes.

I'm more worried about a bi-partisan "grand bargain," because the sort of subtle changes it will likely include -- changing the cost of living formula, raising the medicare eligibility age -- tend to become accepted as the new normal and more difficult to overturn later.

Wake me up from this nightmare when we're no longer in the 1930's.