Friday, September 28, 2012

The House of Morgan now relegated to a Halloween costume shop!

Well, there's change on Wall Street alright, but not the kind you'd expect.

Pierpont Morgan was arguably the greatest financier of all time and in 1913 he built this structure at 23 Wall Street to serve as his bank's headquarters. In the years that followed this location would be the epicenter of global financial power.

So can we call it "hallowed" ground?

Wait...make that, Halloween gound!!

It's now a Halloween costume shop!

Pierpont must be rolling over in his grave!!


Ryan Harris said...

How sad, how did it come to this? I can't believe JPM/Chase would allow the icon of the company -- that building -- become -- THAT. Dimon has to be asleep at the wheel. From that tiny office they financed everything... almost every household brand, from the railroads, to steel, to the Titanic itself, wars, the US... Unimaginable they would let it become a seasonal Halloween store.

Matt Franko said...

Ha Mike!

Right Ryan their lease probably only goes thru the end of October... Then it's back to a vacant building...


mike norman said...


Yes. These are the kind of jobs we are creating now. Fly by night businesses that put up shop for a few weeks, then close.