Monday, September 17, 2012

Which Candidate Has the "Edge" in Misrepresenting the Fiscal "Deficit"

This is truly like an Alice in Wonderland episode. What's even more ironic than a Catch-22? A Deficit-23?

The Washington Post reports that in the race to better represent "the nation’s gaping budget deficit" ... Romney is in danger of falling behind Obama. That's supposedly the only issue where Obama hasn't been "leading" Romney.

It's a sad day when candidates vie to be most out of paradigm in order to win election to a leadership position.

When supposed leaders have to prove that they're more wrong than the other guy to get elected ... you'd normally want to hedge your bets and look for an exit route. We better hope the USA is resilient enough to survive ignorant leadership and a misinformed electorate. Rome wasn't, but of course that was a long time ago.

Can somebody resurrect the Rhyme of the Ancient Marriner Eccles? Our current electorate & Congress has forgotten it.


Anonymous said...

Edge Schmedge ...

He faced an uphill battle explaining his rapacious medicare etc policies anyway (the problem of too many words, which is more of a problem when they don't add up), but this is just absurd.

To paraphrase the classic line ... better to have left his mouth shut than open it and remove all doubt ...


BfO said...

Look, I think it's just politics. I'm sure the Dems aren't really concerned about deficit reduction, and nor are most economists. The undecided voters that Obama has to win over are middle or working class voters who are likely to be white and older. They're not the most economics savvy voters in the world like us two.

And besides, the "arithmetic" argument was not only easier to explain, it was practically handed to the Dems on the platter by the GOP's lack of a concrete plan.

What we have to do is spread the word to the public, so that the policies that we want are much more politically acceptable.

Bob Roddis said...

It is reassuring to know that virtually no one has fallen for the completely bogus, fraudulent and unsubstantiated MMT assertion that the problem of scarcity can be solved with unconstrained government fiat funny money creation. Human action and voluntary human exchange are at the core of the study of “economics” and those concepts do not even exist or register in the mad and bizarro world of MMT.

paul meli said...

"those concepts do not even exist or register in the mad and bizarro world of systems"

Bob, fixed that for ya.