Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nominate Your BS for the Best Tragecomedy of the Week

commentary by Roger Erickson

This is the best tragecomedy I've received so far this week.  To keep from crying, I've learned to laugh out loud at this kind of BS.

"Nominate Your Company for an Exporter of the Year Award"

Now, for any novice readers, understanding this tragecomedy depends on achieving a modern perspective and paradigm. Why would YOU want to send our real resources to foreigners, for them to use in their country? Better to build insanely great products or services that further build our capabilities of and opportunities within the USA. What the heck do you need THEIR fiat currency for, when we already have our own fiat currency?  As long as we can build & do new things here that simultaneously improve the confluence of faster+leaner+better, then we can always let less-accomplished nations export things that are no longer rate limiting for us.

However, we should do that only IF they can't self-organize by any other means than agreeing to at least practice by exporting real real goods to us instead of using them to improve the general welfare of their own people.  In reality, we allow that only to give them an organized purpose they're failing to do by other means, just as we let them mow our lawns & clean our houses & go to our schools. After all, people with less useful currencies are still clamoring to acquire our fiat currency.

The best things you can do for people in foreign countries are:
1) make USA economic practices a beacon for them to emulate;
2) volunteer to help educate & train them, and help them practice;
3) donate critical resources to them if you feel that's more productive than making your country something even more worth emulating.

Best thing you can do for YOUR country?  Don't slow down our relentless progress in "making a more perfect union."

Nirvana = having a fiat currency and knowing how to use it - and demonstrating that to other countries.

Meanwhile, here's the clueless BS of the week, below.


Exporter of the Year Award Nominations Now Being Accepted: Deadline is Sept. 30th   [Imagine that!  BS comes with deadlines!  Didn't know it could get stale.]

ThinkGlobal Inc. is seeking nominations for the 2013 USA Exporter of the Year awards.   [Note, their use of the word "think" here proves their misuse of the term.  "ThinkIndentured would be more appropriate."]

ThinkGlobal Inc. is the publisher of Commercial News USA, the official export promotion magazine of the U.S. Commerce Department. Commercial News USA is a catalog-style magazine distributed to a quarter million international buyers in 178 countries worldwide in print, and 25,000 buyers per month online.

Awards will be given to U.S. companies in all of the categories included in the magazine.

Winners in each industry will be chosen by the ThinkGlobal publishing team based on the total number of documented export deals completed, total percentage increase in sales, exports as a percentage of total sales, the company's commitment to exporting, the company's commitment to customer service, and the company's innovation and originality in marketing products or services.

To be eligible for the award, the nominee must be a company that is exporting from the United States. Companies may nominate themselves for the award.

There is no cost for applying for this award. Winners will be recognized in a special section in Commercial News USA. Plus, winners will have an unique opportunity to promote their products and services to international buyers in an online, streaming media, presentation.

Register Now for the Exporter of the Year Awards


Bob Roddis said...

I Nominate Apple for exporter of the year. Steve Jobs sent all our jobs, technology, innovation to FOXCONN, who will now singlehandedly KILL silicon valley. Detroit was just a warmup, the devastation seen there is about to be repeated in many western cities.

y said...

Isn't it a good idea to maintain important domestic industries, even if that involves exporting resources abroad? You get to keep the skills, develop the technology and the workforce. The alternative to achieve that may be to impose import controls, which is unlikely.

JK said...


There seems to be benefits and costs.

I've wondered about the super-patriotic drill baby drill folks… wouldn't it be smarter, from a national secrutiy perspective, to use up the rest of the world's fossil fuels instead of our own? With the possibility of energy crisis wars sometime in the future, it seems like the single most important resource to hoard would be energy. Without a lot of energy, modern warfare is obsolete. Those who would have it, especially combined with advanced technology, would be the most secure.

Roger Erickson said...

Pursue all things within tolerance limits.

Which means you better damn well identify the tolerance limits accurately - which in turn require accurate situational awareness.

Honestly, have you seen many citizens or policy staff recently who ave any awareness of ALL the factors defining our current situation?

@#$%^&! It should be enough to make your hair stand on end, and thereby supply serious motivation.

We need to work together, not argue.