Saturday, December 21, 2013

Brad DeLong — Senate Votes for Federal Reserve Chair

The title says it all.
But… But… But… I was told last summer that a big argument for Janet Yellen was that she was clearly so well-qualified that lots of Republicans would vote for cloture, and she would clear the 60-vote cloture threshold easily…
Also shows why Larry Summers might not have been confirmed, with some Democrats also voting against him along with most Republicans.

WCEG — The Equitablog
Senate Votes for Federal Reserve Chair: 83 Volcker, 84 Volcker Reppointment, 91 Greenspan, 100 Greenspan Reppointment, 91 Greenspan Third, 89 Greenspan Fourth, 100 Greenspan Fifth, 99 Bernanke, 77 Bernanke Reppointment, 59 Yellen
Brad DeLong

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Anonymous said...

In the present environment, anyone nominated by Obama was bound to get massive Republican opposition.