Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shipping Coal to Newcastle = Sending Fiat to Issuer

   (Commentary posted by Roger Erickson)

"Record High, 72%, of Citizens Have Zero Situational Awareness"

Wow! They may as well get into the business of sending coal to Newcastle, and hope for a miracle! [That actually happened, you know. Dumb luck.]

That's as dumb as sending fiat to the issuer?

"Hey buddy, can you spare a paradigm?"
Sparadigm? "Hey, electorate, can you sparadigm?"

(Nope. We've run out of those too. They followed the fiat ... which followed the Dodo bird.)

Maybe a future generation can bring fiat back to culture, in a pair'a Digmassic Pork episodes?

Could an infected mosquito carry a dynamic intelligence gene & innoculate a Luddite, maybe even a Control Fraud Bankster? Even one's carrying shotguns and with advanced weaponry able to defend themselves and their financial slaves from any and all adaptive evolution?

Or could the same thing be accomplished with a frenetically-engineered, crypto-semantic memovirus? We gotta fight corrupto-semantic memoviruses with their own weaponry. There must be 1001 ways to lead a Luddite to progress, but you have to let them waterboard themselves?

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