Sunday, December 29, 2013

David Walker responds to my tweet

He calls himself "Deficit Ranger." Oh brother.

Says I "misrepresented" him and he was referring to the "long-term" deficit. So, we're going to run out of dollars in the long term, David?

Here's Greenspan.


Matt Franko said...

Hi ho Silver!!!!!

Too bad he is not a "Lone" Ranger though....

Unknown said...

Mike, take a less confrontational attitude. The guy apparently doesn't understand fiat money properly. Remember MMT can be difficult for people to grasp when they've been fed the orthodox line their whole life. Also if they are conservative they will be more drawn to the orthodox line and suspicious of alternative views. Just telling them over and over that the govt "can't run out of dollars" won't work in itself. You'll just get the usual replies.

Unknown said...

I recently watched a few older (2010 ...) CNBC videos of Walker talking about the debt deficit ills.

He was so very wrong then as he is now, that I think Mike was absolutely correct.

DW is nothing more than a mindless neo-liberal ideologue with access to a green room.

Tyler said...

He's a lapdog for Wall Street.

In the words of George Carlin, now they're coming after our Social Security money:

SchittReport said...

guess we will have to open a new line of videos just for the "deficit ranger"~~~~~