Saturday, December 21, 2013

gjohnsit — The pitchforks are coming out in Europe

When you think of governments ready to fall in Europe, you probably think of Greece or Spain. Instead it is Italy that is warning of a violent insurrection.
 Events in Italy are turning serious. President Giorgio Napolitano has warned of “widespread social tension and unrest” in 2014 as the Long Slump drags on.
   Those living on the margins are being drawn into “indiscriminate and violent protest, a sterile lurch towards total opposition”
The protest movement in Italy is literally called the Pitchfork Movement (Movimento dei forconi). Their demands are no less than the overthrow of the government.
Daily Kos
The pitchforks are coming out in Europe

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Anonymous said...

Italy, like China, is a civilization with an extremely long history spanning two to three millenia. It has many high points of glory and a rich cultural memory, and that means that its people are smart enough to recognize that when things go very wrong there is no reason that they have to accept that outcome slavishly.