Friday, December 27, 2013

We Need A MiddleClass Industrial, Congressional Complex

(Commentary by Roger Erickson)


Take this example.
From MRAP to scrap: U.S. military chops up $1million vehicles in AfghanistanThe giant mine-resistant trucks have saved countless lives in Afghanistan, but the Pentagon says keeping them is too expensive.
By David Zucchino, LA Times, December 27, 2013
Imagine if we could have diverted all that effort to complexes other than just the MICC?

Like a MiddleClass ICC. It'd be almost like having a democracy!

Like the one we used to have? Even better? One making all citizens components of an Entrepreneurial Social Complex.

MIC-ESC. A MiddleClass Industrial, Congressional, Entrepreneurial Social Complex. May have to work on a catchy name.

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