Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Absolute Disdain For The Middle Class Is Infuriating

(Commentary posted by Roger Erickson)

Take the reporters from Bloomberg, PLEASE!!!

Japan Unveils Record 2014 Budget Draft as Debt Burden Mounts

First they tease you with some sanity.
"Prime Minister Shinzo Abe boosts spending on social security, defense and public works ... "
Sounds great! At least it's some momentum. Once some national fiat builds, it can be reshaped, tuned and redirected as needed. That's always a LOT easier than starting from nothing, and hoping to head in the right direction.

Yet then the bizarre, non-logic kicks in again. Based on twisted semantics. Right in the opening sentence. It's like they're embarrassed to leave a logical sentence untarnished by propaganda!
"... while trying to contain growth in the world's biggest debt burden."
?? Where did that come from? What the heck is going on?

After all this time; who's pushing this "fiat burden" myth THAT HARD? 

It's very much like watching an OCD patient, and trying hard not to stare & embarrass them. Except this nonsensical compulsion is masquerading as OUR national policy!

Is is just an embarrassing compulsion? Or is that obsession occurring by fiat too? 

Either way, this is no way to run national policy. Just stop the stupid behavior, and usher the character actors off stage, graciously, BUT FIRMLY, and ASAP. This is our country we're talking about. Not some psych ward or parlour game. These obsessions are killing citizens and destroying the USA.

Every year, it's more difficult to take these supposed policy obsessions seriously. At various public events, I keep hearing or meeting more & more older government workers (current or ex) in DC who knew all along that it was BS. Enough always knew that taxes are irrelevant to fiat, and that our simple goal with fiat currency is to avoid excessive inflation or deflation, while right-sizing the national fiat currency supply of a population growing in both numbers and economic tempo and complexity. This is not rocket science.

Meanwhile, an obsession with "balancing fiat" continues, and the absolute disdain for the Middle Class which that obsession requires is infuriating to the point of tears. Citizens do not treat citizens this way. It's inhuman, not mention mindlessly stupid. No one seems to know where the obsession originates. That can be discussed separately. The worst social illness is the vast numbers who willingly sell out and go along with the insanity ... for pay, for prestige, for guaranteed income, for perks, for a job, or ... worst of all, just for association with a class of faux-elegant toadies and outright Control Frauds.


And that, semi-Innocent Fraud runs throughout our electorate. If citizens in any country love their children, they have to stop the collective stupid and start coordinating some Group Intelligence.

As Bloomberg started with, the returns are AWESOME, even insanely great, and easy. Just stop there. Lets just get some awesome going, then keep tuning it to adaptive, not destructive use.


Ralph Musgrave said...

I just left a comment after that Bloomberg article. I've also entered another lion's den and started leaving comments: on Scott Sumner's blog, while openly declaring myself to be an MMTer. Scott is quite reasonable: he does pay some attention to what I say.

Roger Erickson said...

The article ends endorsing a call to end the "global debt burden."

Who on or off this, closed world, do Earth's inhabitants owe a global debt to?


Or only a bunch of local Control Frauds?

How, mathematically, can a source be indebted to itself?

Unknown said...

The government “will simultaneously achieve the revitalization of the economy and fiscal consolidation,” Abe

Once again a world leader will demonstrate how the earth is indeed, flat.