Monday, December 30, 2013

The Land of Sacrifice

Stunning cartoon below (H/T Nebris) that really nails it.

They only have images of GOP bigs Boehner and McConnell on there but you have to add all of the Democrat fiscal morons to make it more complete.

But look this guy has the big 3 gods of these morons nailed:  the Austrian's "Inflation Goblins", the Free Market moron's "Bond Vigilantes", and the Fix the Debt idiot's "Deficit gods"; that covers just about all of it.

Wow good cartoon, exposes a lot of falsehoods in a small space. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Really good job M. Wuerker.


Nebris said...

I Submit That We Are Not Undergoing A Collapse, But Rather A Culling
Jul. 23rd, 2013 at 9:23 AM

"All politics is local." ~'Tip' O'Neill

~Which is why, in the end, democracy fails. Because humans are, as a rule, 'provincial', which is a socio-cultural way of saying that they are primarily concerned with their own immediate sphere of interest, tend to ignore everything outside of that sphere and react with fear/anger whenever the larger sphere impinges. That prevents most humans from thinking 'globally' or even 'nationally'. Now hold that thought...

"Why should I concern myself with how many die? Even the Christian Bible says what is man that God should be mindful of him? For me men are nothing but a brain at one end and a shit factory at the other." ~Aurelio Peccei, founder and first president of the Club of Rome

In 1972 The Club of Rome published a historical document, “The Limits to Growth,” described by Wikipedia as a “book about the computer modeling of unchecked economic and population growth with finite resource supplies.” I remember at the time it generated a lot of speculation and controversy, but for the general population, like so many things before it, it went down The Memory Hole, eclipsed by Watergate and then the Fall of Saigon. [see "All politics is local."]

Aurelio Peccei was one the authors of that report and his sentiments are fairly clear.

“The Limits to Growth,” were also, I have come to believe, a warning to the population of Earth from The Western Financial Elites; “Since you are obviously incapable of controlling your own affairs and managing your our resources, we are going to gather up as much of them as we can lay our hands upon, build ourselves safe havens and let the rest of you drown in your own shit. In fact, we plan to expedite that by making things as bad as possible in order to get this over with as fast as possible.” In other words, a Culling.

I suspect they made that decision not so much because they are evil – though there is certainly some sociopathic reasoning in the mix – but because, seeing that “All politics are local,” they already knew that the solutions required to head off Global Catastrophe would be impossible to implement. Keep in mind that at the time The Cold War was still going strong, America was socioculturally unraveling and China had just wrapped up The Cultural Revolution.

In that context, I really cannot fault the logic, even if I am one of those likely to culled.

I have imagined snippets of conversations such as these, uttered not at secret meetings in darkened rooms, but at bright social gatherings over cocktails:

“Let it all got to hell.”

“They will rebel.”

“We make Consumerism ubiquitous and fund their social hatreds.”

“But we cannot control something like that.”

“No, but we can guide it and we can survive it. We'll surf the apocalypse.”

If I were in their position, I'd do much the same thing, though as those of you who know me will understand that my 'grand scheme' is of a somewhat different design. And because of that, while I expect this Culling will more or less succeed, I have my doubts that it will play out at all close to what The Elites hope for.

But the die have been cast and now what shall be, shall be...

Matt Franko said...


You are giving simply morons waaaaaaaayyyy too much credit...

This in NOT a 'conspiracy' or whatever... they are NOT THAT SMART...

These "secret" groups are probably all meeting "in secret" as we speak trying to figure out what to do when "the US runs out of money"...

They... are... stupid.

They are NOT to be feared.

They are to be exposed and humiliated.


Peter Pan said...

I suppose this was inevitable when the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEM) failed to make their 15 minutes of fame.

Nebris said...

Matt, not all of them are stupid.

googleheim said...

Let them eat jelly beans?

The Rombach Report said...

Nebris - Your "All politics is local" thesis is pretty scary and apocalyptic. Happy New Year everyone!

Pinku-Sensei said...

Once again, thank you to Nebs for passing on that cartoon, and thank you to Matt for posting it. I'm glad Matt read my entry and liked the cartoon, if nothing else.

As for Nebs's ideas about this being more of a culling than a collapse, I need to finish my first cup of coffee to even consider it.

"Crazy Eddie"

Jose Guilherme said...

Human history is much too rich and diverse for one to make generalizations, such as "all politics is local."

Many important mass movements had nothing to do with localism, even way back in medieval times. For instance, how can one explain the crusades that led hundred of thousands of Europeans to go fight for the Holy Land? Certainly not by arguing for parochialism as the ruling principle of political behaviour.

As for the Club of Rome, they were just a bunch of misanthropists selling malthusian snake oil. Their "expert" forecasts turned out laughably wrong. For the average human life is better, not worse than 40 years ago. And it will likely improve again in the next decades, despite the best efforts to the contrary by the usual monetary illiterates and austerian con artists.

Matt Franko said...


Correct and very good....

Nebs/Eddie, we support humanity here so perhaps consider sticking around from time to time so that you get to hear some things other than all the negativity from the typical mainstream idiots and snake oil salesmen out there... it can get you down...

unlike ALL other venues, the MMT oriented sites propose SOLUTIONS to these purely self-imposed financial problems that plague humanity....

This cartoon depicts 3 completely false purely FINANCIAL "problems" as most of humanity still see them, we are out to destroy these falsehoods (at least I am....)

so dont get yourself down...

Team Human: Now up to 7 f-ing billion and counting baby!!!!!!! Let's roll !!!!!!


Nebris said...

Many important mass movements had nothing to do with localism, even way back in medieval times. For instance, how can one explain the crusades that led hundred of thousands of Europeans to go fight for the Holy Land? Certainly not by arguing for parochialism as the ruling principle of political behaviour.

The Crusades as a positive human behavioral model. Awesome. =D

No, really, I have no comeback for that. My brain is frozen, even after a few cups of coffee.