Monday, December 21, 2015

Are some Trump supporters ashamed to admit it when a pollster calls?

Interesting conditional results in the current polling.

(FD:  Mark me down for Trump at this point.)


Malmo's Ghost said...

I can't wait for Christmas Eve when all my liberal family members (which is virtually everyone) get together for the Trump bashing. I'll be the only one fronting for the Donald. After the booze they'll be ingesting really takes hold I'll have em all crying like babies over the topic :)

...and, yes, I think a lot of people support Trump but are afraid to admit it for whatever reason. I suppose they don't want to be labeled racist, sexist, bigots, fascists, etc. All of which are nonsense labels and none of which forms a coherent argument.

This election has silent majority written all over it.

Tyler said...

Bernie is the only viable candidate who grasps the magnitude of the climate crisis and is prepared to confront it.

Peter Pan said...

Like admitting that you're a Seattle Mariners fan.

John said...

They're not ashamed. They're probably just too busy drinking beer through a hat and and watching wrestling, a moronic "entertainment" show devised for the mentally insane and the mentally retarded, Trump's target audience along with the KKK.

mike norman said...

I am for Trump.

Joe said...

TRUMP 2016!!!

Tyler, take your phony climate crisis and eat it you ninny!