Monday, December 28, 2015

Ben Terrall — From the Shadows of the Cold War: the Rise of the CIA

Another short review of The Devil's Chessboard.

From the Shadows of the Cold War: the Rise of the CIA
Ben Terrall

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Kaivey said...

I had a really good post written on this then I lost the lot, somehow, while I was looking for the film below. Oh well, maybe I will write it again later, but just briefly, the Right will say that Alan Dulles was fighting communism.

Now communism was evil, but professor Anthony Sutton wrote a book about how Wall Street bankrolled communism. Was communism a Right Wing conspiracy against progressive movements wanting more democracy? And the Western ruling class always coveted Russia's natural resources, and a revolution was a way the smash the Tsar's power, in the same way the West had used green revolutions in the Middle East to bring down independent non aligned nations.

The Right say they defend capitalism, but they deny it to ordinary people in the rest of the world. A wealthy 3% elite might own 97% of the land in a country, and by the definition of property rights, are allowed to sell all that land to rich Westerners. Micheal Hudson describes how rich westerners borrow money from Western banks, who make it out of nothing, and then buy loads of land in Africa to grow cash crops on for Western corporations, while the local people get thrown off their land.

Now the Western rich own most of the natural resources in the world, or own it via the proxy elite they control, or have corrupted. I wonder how much ordinary Texans would feel if they were dead poor while the Chinese owned everything, while working all the hours god sends never makes them rich?

The US never fought against communism, it fought against Democracy as the film below describes. It might but be right about everything, but most of it is.

JFK to 9/11, Everything is a rich man's trick.